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Share on social networks

Social networks have become a powerful tool for disseminating information and trends, beyond the official media. The Humanist Document must reach everyone at every corner of our planet, in order to inspire a new vision of the future in the hearts of those who today feel oppressed. Please, share the Humanist Document on your social profiles, send it to your friends, relatives, and acquaintances: let’s make it become VIRAL!

Organize a public seminar on a Humanist Document theme

The Humanist Document is a programmatic statement, but much is still to be developed as to each proposed theme: the economy, real democracy, action fronts, etc.

The aim is to create an area of exchange and discussion on different themes, to submit new proposals in every field of human action.

Create a community

In a society that has experienced the limit of individualism and separation worldwide, a counter-action becomes imperative that encourages all aggregation initiatives making everyone feel they are not alone.
A community can be physical and meet in homes, bookstores, schools, workplaces. Or be virtual and find space in social networks, Whatsapp groups, mailing lists. What’s important is to join a human environment, a mental and emotional space where ideas and proposals can be exchanged.

Organize a presentation event in your city

People understand the message and vision of the Humanist Document more deeply when they learn information from those who understood it with their mind and heart. All of us must grant themselves a chance to discuss about fundamental life issues, and cultivate a practice of reflection on such themes, rediscovering those moments when our sense of life is gotten back and ready to be shared with others. It is possible to organize single conferences, round tables, presentations accompanied by artistic events, and anything different yet again. Contact us, we will help you imagine it together!

Further action?

Let’s give space to creativity! If you have further ideas to promote and allow many more people to join the project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be available to consider new proposals.

Collaborate with the campaign

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